About Us

about us

The Deutsch-Chinesischer Kulturaustausch für Kunst und Design e.V. (German-Chinese Cultural Exchange Association for Art and Design) or DCKD for short, is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation based in Düsseldorf, Germany. DCKD’s mission is to promote art and design-based cultural exchange between Germany and China, to advance the development of art and design practice and education in Germany and China, and to publicise traditional and contemporary Chinese art and culture in Germany and Europe. Since DCKD was founded in 2006 the association has worked closely with official bodies, universities and art academies, art and design colleges, and other art and design-related institutions in China and Germany, and has organised exhibitions, competitions, and academic exchange activities in both countries. Starting in 2012, DCKD has established a number of subsidiary organisations located at Schloss Elbroich in Düsseldorf; these include DCKD International Art and Design Exchange Centre, DCKD Kunstraum am Rhein, the DCKD Collection of Chinese Art, DCKD International Art Studio, DCKD Art Media Publishing Centre, the DCKD Chinese Art Library, and the DCKD Chinese Sculpture Garden. In 2016 DCKD began to implement plans for ‘Blue Container on the New Silk Road’, an international cultural and economic exchange project involving 11 nations along the route of the New Silk Road: Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Greece, Italy, Turkey, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and China. DCKD’s other on-going projects include the German-Chinese Invitational Art Exhibition, the German-Chinese Design Biennale, the German-Chinese Academic Forum for Art, Design and Architecture, ‘Design-Prozess: German-Chinese Student Creative Design Competition’, and several planned exhibitions of art and design to be held in Germany and China.