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Blue Container Project
18 August 2017

The Blue Container Trains,Cultural Exchange,Economic Cooperation

The Blue Container Trains

Blue Container Project’s first 5-year Plan (2018 to 2022) focuses on eleven countries along the New Silk Road, namely Germany, China, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. Two Blue Container Trains will run every year between March and October, one leaving from Beijing/Xi’an and terminating in Düsseldorf/Duisburg, the other starting from Düsseldorf/Duisburg and terminating in Beijing. The trains will stop in selected locations along the way, with the entire journey taking around 180 days in each direction. At each of these locations, we will organise 5 to 10 days of exhibitions, cultural events and economic exchange activities to coincide with the train’s arrival. The first event in Duisburg, from 29th March to 13th April 2018, is the launch of both the project and the first Blue Container Train, and will last two weeks.

Cultural Exchange

Cultural exchange and cooperation is an important aspect of the BRI. Every year, as the Blue Container Trains travel the New Silk Road, a variety of cultural activities will be held in selected national and regional cities. The broader aim of these activities is to establish a cultural pattern of ‘mutual appreciation, mutual understanding and mutual respect’ between the participating countries, and use this cultural platform to promote interconnected, sustainable cultural and economic development.

Programme of cultural activities:

Project 1:  Every year, the Blue Container Project’s selection committee of cultural and academic experts will invite outstanding figures in the fields of culture, philosophy, art, music, history and and theory to travel on the Blue Container Train, produce work in the Blue Container studios, and take part in various cultural activities in national and regional cities along the New Silk Road.

Project 2:  ‘Blue Container on the New Silk Road’ Cultural Cooperation Summit

Project 3:  ‘Blue Container on the New Silk Road’ Cultural and Creative Industries


Project 4:  ‘Blue Container on the New Silk Road’ arts, culture and music exhibitions and performances

Project 5:  ‘Blue Container on the New Silk Road’ Interconnected Education Cooperation Forum

Economic Cooperation

Economic and trade cooperation is the focus of the Belt and Road Initiative. The core objective of the BRI New Silk Road Economic Belt is to develop economy and promote trade. Every year, the Blue Container Project will organise various forms of economic activity in selected national and regional cities, in order to find the most practical economic and commercial cooperation strategies for countries with current economic difficulties. It will also initiate joint projects between countries and regions, encourage close cooperation based on understanding and reciprocity, enhance friendly relationships, and advance the aim of mutually-beneficial economic development.

Programme of economic activities:

Project 1:  ‘Blue Container on the New Silk Road · BRI’ Economic Cooperation and Sustainable Development Summit

Project 2:  ‘Blue Container on the New Silk Road · BRI’ Economy and Industry Expo

Project 3:  ‘Blue Container on the New Silk Road · BRI’ various economic investment and business meetings

Project 4:  ‘Blue Container on the New Silk Road · BRI’ professional training programme