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Mobile phone photos for friends
20 August 2018

Düsseldorf/Tashkent - Pictures taken by teenagers from Düsseldorf are central to an exhibition opening at the end of September in the Uzbek capital Tashkent. The event is organized by two teenagers from North Rhine-Westphalia’s capital, the 14-year old Laiyin Guo and the 17-year old Julius Satoshi Oikawa. The exhibition is part of the “Project Blue Container”. It will be transported on a “Train of Culture” via the Silk Road, from Duisburg to Tashkent and finally Beijing. At every stop, cultural event will take place over a time of ten days.

 Today, (nearly) every teenager owns a mobile phone, and everyone knows how to snap pictures. The two initiators of the exhibition want to use this fact: children and teenagers are supposed to use their phone (or camera) to document their every day life. The two organizers are hoping to allow the Uzbek viewers to gain insight into our culture: “Uzbekistan wants to know who they are working with. We don’t want to seem foreign and closed off, but familiar and open.”

 The teenager’s pictures should reflect current life in our society. This could be family life, school days, scenes from their free time, or show local traditions and cultural events. The exhibition’s special appeal is the possibility to compare photos taken by teenagers from Germany, Uzbekistan, and China.

 Every teenager (maximum age 18 years) can participate. Every participant is allowed to hand in up to five pictures. They should have a minimum size of 720 pixels. Please send all photos to, and add the following information: name, surname, age, as well as location and chosen title of the photo. If the pictures show other children or teenagers, their parent’s permission has to be obtained. Submission deadline is Friday, August 31st.

 The jury consists of the two young curators as well as a representative of the DCKD (German-Chinese Cultural Exchange for Art and Design) and 701 (Forum for Young Art) art societies. Both societies are co-organizers of the event in Tashkent. Altogether 50 photos will be chosen. They will be displayed in the Palace of Youth, a central building opposite the National Museum.

 The “Blue Container Train” - and the teenagers’ photos - will move on from Tashkent to Beijing. There, the complete exhibition will be shown again during the “Photo Beijing” art event in the Millennium Museum.

 The two high school students a hoping for a similar effect to Uzbekistan in China. Layin Guo: “We are hoping hat teens from different cultures enjoy cooperating. In the end, it’s all about making friends.”

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